Q. Am I too old for surf lessons?

A. It’s never too late to start surfing and, provided you can swim 50m without much trouble we guarantee you won’t regret giving it a crack!

Q. Can I bring my own equipment?

A. Of course you can use your own kit if you have any but there is no need, we have a huge stock of beginner’s boards of all sizes and wetsuits, boots etc for everyone to keep you toasty while you surf.

Q. Is surfing a boy’s sport?

A. Absolutely not there are huge numbers of female surfers in Cornwall and the numbers of girls/women taking lessons just keep increasing every year. Some say girls pick it up quicker than fella’s; we’ll leave that for you to argue about….

Q. What if the waves are big? I’m a complete beginner and don’t know what to expect.

A. In the beginner surf lessons we don’t go any deeper than waist high waves so that you can get the hang of paddling, catching the waves and getting to your feet. In later lessons we paddle ‘out back’ but always in clean, manageable surf that is great fun and easy to ride…

Q. My son has never been very sporty, will it be worthwhile him joining in a lesson?

A. It has been scientifically proven by men in white suits (or is it wetsuits…?) that surfing changes lives. Once you realize that in the process of having more fun than you’ve ever had before, you’re actually getting fitter, there’ll be no stopping you.

Q. Where do lessons take place?

A. We operate from a base in Porthtowan, (within the Porthtowan Backpackers),just a stones throw from the surf.  We also offer pick ups in the surf bus from Falmouth, and drop you back after your day with us.

Q. I’ve had a few lessons before; can I come along and just hire equipment?

A. Yep we have enough stock to hire anything from boards to booties, just let us know in advance.

Q. Are sharks a worry?

A. There’s plenty of amazing wildlife around our lovely coasts but no you’re safe from Great Whites in the UK!

Q. What happens if there are no waves or I need a refund?

A. On the odd occasion that the surf is not working off Porthtowan , we can sometimes offer other beaches within the area. This is up to the head coach  that day, or can be specifically requested by prior arrangement. Alternativly you can download the refund and flat water policy here.