Surf and Yoga Instructors



It takes much more than an obsession for riding waves to become a surf instructor (though admittedly we are passionate about what we teach….). What does that mean? Well first of all, before any qualifications are taken we must complete a recognized UK Beach Lifeguard training course that is renewed every two years. This proves us qualified and competent lifesavers and ensures that we are fit, knowledgeable and responsible individuals as well as First Aid trained to the required standard.


Spencer Webb Biography; Founder surf school

‘Laid back’ would be one way to describe Spencer, a Falmouth boy born and raised who as a youngster belonged to a group of tearaways known as the ‘Quayboys’, who could be found swimming, sailing and playing water-polo in and around Falmouth harbour. Whilst serving in the Merchant Navy he discovered surfing in the early 70s and, as is usually the case, was instantly hooked. When Spence returned home to Cornwall his obsession grew and even though surfers in those days were looked upon as hoodlums and beach bums because the public (in the UK at least) didn’t understand what surfing was all about, he never missed a chance to catch a wave. Spence ran his own business for over 15 years and the idea of one day starting his own surf school was always in the back of his mind. He fathered four lovely girls and when the last one was preparing to fly the nest, he began working hard to make his dream reality. Starting a surf school must be the dream of many a young surfer, after all it’s all fun in the sun and catching
waves all day, right? Well Spence will testify that it is definitely not an easy life and it takes determination, training and a combination of surfing and business experience. That said, the huge enjoyment and satisfaction gained every time Spence helps someone ride their first wave means that his enthusiasm and passion for teaching surfing just keeps on growing…

Matthew Milburn Biography

Matthew Has been surfing from the age of dot, he grew up on the north coast of craft hole with a beach within stones throw from his house. Surfing is his life and he wouldn’t be complete without it.  now he has the ultimate surf stoke and is eager to share it. Years of Life guarding for the RNLI has meant he can also have the knowledge for safe surfing within the beach saftey rules. he has won many surf comps and wants to help all walks of life to get out in the ocean and make it part of their lives too!

Naomi Webb Biography

Naomi believes Improving well being is more than just a fitness decision , it is a lifestyle commitment . ‘Nay’s Yoga courses and sessions provide an excellent opportunity to exercise the body and mind but they’re also places to meet and share with other engaged and open minded individuals.

‘Nay started teaching Yoga in September 2013 after a solo trip to India, learning the traditional forms of Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow. After this thought  about in-cooperating other elements into her yoga practice. So began to learn SUP Yoga, ‘Stand Up Paddle board’ This was a natural transition after growing up in Cornwall and spending years by the ocean. The  ‘Aerial yoga’ was introduced when exploring the practice in the air.  After setting up workshops and 1-1 sessions, and realising that all three elements with the traditional Ashtanga practice can really complement each other, she set up her own company  Now working for over 10 UK festivals with Aerial Yoga, SUP Yoga and Her own creation ‘Hip hop yoga’. Nay will be the head yoga instructor for Porthtowan Surf and Yoga school. Watch out for exciting surf and Yoga events and retreats in 2019!