Corporate Events in Cornwall

The Cornish surroundings are far from the usual corporate environment, where events are usually held in stuffy boardrooms and with concentration diminishing as fast as the oxygen supplies.

Cornwall is a place where you can just free your mind and the rest will follow, and that’s why its makes such a successful and fun place for you to hold a corporate event. For starters, much of Cornwall is best experienced outside, in the invigorating fresh sea air, leaving your staff feeling energised and refreshed.

To arrange a specialised event please discuss via email:

There is a fantastic range of sports, activities and events here to get your staff involved in; ranging from learning to surf the Cornish waves, treasure hunting around the coastal paths, Aerial/ SUP Yoga? or whether its learning a new skill together, such as cocktails making? And when exhausted after an exhilarating day, what better way to spend it than soaking up the last rays of the sun on the beach with a bbq? Never forget that the company that plays together stays together.